Mini Album Madness – Take 2

As promised in my last post, today I am sharing the 6″ X 6″ twine bound mini album I learned from Lyric Lover Crafts. This book was created for another very special person – my friend, co-worker and best scrapping buddy, Dee. Dee celebrated her 60th birthday quarantine style complete with a police escorted drive by. And, as I mentioned in my last post, what better time to make a homemade gift then during a pandemic? And who better to make it for than someone who you know will appreciate it?

Aside from crafting, one of Dee’s biggest hobbies is gardening. So, flowers were a no brainer for the book. I used the “Celebrate the Little Things” collection pack by Becki Adams. This is a very unique set with a bright, beautiful color pallet. If you can’t already tell, I am obsessed with color and color combinations. I love anything unique and unsuspected. Which is basically the opposite of my own style of designing in my professional career. I tend to have a cleaner, sleeker, more organized style of design. Some may say OCD. But once again, I don’t know who. The rest of the embellishments, ribbon and twine were from Stampin’ Up, except the epoxy shapes and the stickers and tags on the inside pages which came with the collection pack.

Again, I used up almost an entire paper pack, but this time I did not need to fill in with any extra pages. I got two folded pages from each 12″ X 12″ sheet. I cut them slightly smaller then the cover which was 6″ X 6″. Each inside sheet measured 11.75″ X 5.75″. Once folded in half and placed inside the book, this allowed the pages to fit neatly within the cover. I would still like to make the changes I mentioned in the last post (smaller spine, inserting pages as you wrap the twine). However, this size album was definitely more manageable and provided a more efficient use of supplies. Not that any of us are lacking on supplies, right? But we all know, the more you use, the more you can buy.


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