To know me is to love sushi

First of all, it’s true. Ask anyone that knows me and they will tell you sushi is my favorite food. Secondly, how legit does it become when you have your very own Sparkle Blend and it’s…you guessed it ā€“ “Gina’s Sushi Bar.”

This had to be one of the most exciting craft milestones for me to date. Paling in comparison only to being asked to be a Designer for Doodles Paper Playground. I thought it could not get any better. But then, I had the opportunity to design my own Sparkle Blend. I kept rolling ideas around but always came back to the sushi idea. Luckily, when I pitched it to Doodles Paper Playground, she loved it. So order up!

Take a close look at this buffet of delicious sparkles. It’s got everything from Nigiri, maki, rice and even caviar. The colors are a beautiful mix of all the shades of pink and orange that you would see on a sushi bar of tuna and salmon. Creating this blend was soy amazing. There’s even the green and blacks of seaweed. Varying textures really make you feel like you just sat down at a sushi bar, Gina’s Sushi Bar.


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